Digital Work Instructions

Boost productivity with connected, media-rich workflows.

Deliver digital, visual instructions to streamline operator tasks and complex workflows, enhancing efficiency and reducing mistakes.

Streamline Operations and Empower Your Workforce

Next Plus's digital work instruction feature is designed to be effortlessly adaptable, ensuring that all employees can execute tasks flawlessly from the get-go. By incorporating interactive media, direct links to SOPs, real-time updates, and the integration of IoT devices, Next Plus simplifies complex operations, enhancing productivity and accuracy on the manufacturing floor.

Achieve Comprehensive Insight with Seamless Data Integration

Next Plus automates the collection of critical data throughout the manufacturing process, enabling complete traceability and real-time visibility into operations.

Enhance Visibility and Control

Monitor key performance indicators, such as cycle times and process efficiency, across individual products or entire teams to refine production strategies.

Identify and Resolve Production Delays

Track the completion of processes in real-time, allowing for the immediate detection and resolution of any bottlenecks, ensuring smooth and continuous production flow.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Leverage detailed analytics on quality metrics and throughput rates to continually enhance product quality and operational efficiency.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Next Plus's platform is universally accessible, providing the flexibility to deploy work instructions across a wide array of devices, ensuring vital information is always at your team's fingertips.

On Mobile and Tablet Devices

Supports a broad spectrum of devices including Android tablets, iOS devices, and Windows tablets, facilitating mobility and flexibility on the manufacturing floor.

On Desktop and Web Browsers

Fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and various web browsers, ensuring accessibility for all users regardless of their preferred platform.

Through Wearable Technology

Integrate seamlessly with Android and Windows-based wearable devices, offering hands-free access to work instructions, enhancing efficiency and safety for your workforce.

Case Studies

Aerospace Manufacturer Elevating Productivity with Real-Time SOPs and Feedback Loops

An aerospace manufacturer overcame challenges in updating SOPs and work instructions by implementing Next Plus, a system enabling real-time updates and feedback from the manufacturing floor, resulting in enhanced compliance, operational efficiency, product quality, and employee empowerment.

V-Gen Improve Efficiency with Digital Work Instructions

V-Gen’s adoption of Next Plus cut new employee training time by 70% and achieved a 20% reduction in labor costs, demonstrating the substantial benefits of digital work instructions for modern manufacturing efficiency and cost savings.

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