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Providing every employee the tools to be excellent

Next Plus improves processes to perfection

Next Plus is HOME – Human Operations Management and Execution.
It connects all the management, engineering, and manufacturing systems to a single knowledge platform.
suitable for the employees on the production floor.
Providing clear digital work instructions for the next action required Just In Time, concentrating all organizational knowledge to just one button: “Next.”
All this while collecting vast amounts of data and delivering lightning-fast insights.

Jaw Dropping Results

Unlock a new level of operational efficiency with Next Plus. Our clients consistently report remarkable improvements, including:

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Less effort to create new SOPs

Streamline your operations and rapidly deploy new standard operating procedures with ease

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Faster production reporting

Access critical production insights in a fraction of the time, enabling data-driven decision-making and process optimization

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Reduction in training time

Empower your workforce with the tools and resources they need to excel, faster than ever before

Experience smart manufacturing today!

Industry 4.0 the simple way

Simplifying the Complex

Addressing the challenges of the core industry, by maximizing user convenience and efficiency.

Optimize the operation of the shop floor utilizing user-friendly and media-rich digital work instructions while collecting data for continuous process improvement – quickly improve OEE.

Collect data in real-time and enjoy the capability for easy-to-use powerful analysis tools without the need to rely on IT personnel, BI specialists or programmers.

Reduce the time between hiring an employee and them becoming productive while saving valuable time for skilled employees, which we’re required to train new hires.

Reduce dependence on specific employees and ensure versatility through the optimal distribution of organizational and technical knowledge.

Improve Quality

Be prepared for any audit, abide by regulatory standards and requirements of the ISO, FDA, and GxP. Benefit from true paperless management of the factory and quality assurance processes.

Digital work instructions, built-in troubleshooting and reduced reporting time in front of a computer, will allow you to minimize the amount of time the production lines are unproductive.

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Our Customers

Dozens of small to medium-sized companies as well as large organizations in the private, public, security and government sectors choose Next Plus to improve human processes on the production floor, assembly and maintenance.

Next Plus Commitment to Self-Service and Self-Maintenance

At Next Plus, we are committed to empowering organizations through self-service and self-maintenance. Our platform is designed to provide all the necessary infrastructure for self-learning, eliminating the need for external support.

We believe that our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution should seamlessly integrate with the management and working personnel, enhancing their capabilities without disrupting the workflow.

Our user-friendly interface, comprehensive documentation, and advanced features ensure that implementing and maintaining Next Plus is a breeze for everyone within your organization. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, so you can focus on your work instead of getting bogged down in technical details.

Our commitment to self-service and self-maintenance means that you have complete control over your organization’s learning and development. You no longer need to rely on external support or specialized personnel to get the job done.

Experience the ease of building and software implementation with Next Plus, and watch as your team and operations thrive like never before. Say goodbye to traditional learning and development methods and embrace the power of self-service and self-maintenance with Next Plus.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How does Next Plus help reduce training time and production reporting time?

Next Plus offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive digital work instructions, processes, and BOMs that reduce training time by 40%. Additionally, our comprehensive analytics capabilities enable a 70% reduction in production reporting time, allowing for data-driven decision-making and process optimization.

How does Next Plus support fault detection and maintenance processes?

Our platform enhances fault detection by providing real-time data from integrated devices, sensors, cameras, and machines. Additionally, Next Plus supports seamless communication between production, maintenance, and engineering departments, ensuring efficient maintenance processes for both you and your customers.

Can Next Plus be used offline?

Yes, Next Plus can be used both online and offline, keeping your team connected and operations running smoothly even in remote locations or when the internet is unavailable.

How does Next Plus help create new SOPs more efficiently?

Next Plus streamlines the creation of standard operating procedures by offering an intuitive interface, allowing you to develop and deploy new SOPs with 30% less effort. This enables your organization to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes in production or regulatory requirements.

Is Next Plus suitable for small businesses or large enterprises?

Next Plus is designed to accommodate organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our scalable platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

How can I schedule a demo of Next Plus?

To schedule a demo and experience the benefits of Next Plus firsthand, please visit our demo request page  or contact our sales team at [email protected]  or (+972) 55-966-2665. Our experts will be more than happy to walk you through the platform and answer any questions you may have.

What kind of support does Next Plus offer?

We are committed to providing exceptional customer support. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter while using Next Plus. Please visit our support page  or contact our support team at [email protected]  or phone number +972-559-662-665 for assistance.

What our customers say about Next Plus

Experience smart manufacturing today!

Industry 4.0 the simple way

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