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Hello, Next Plus Family! 🎉
Are you ready to spread the word about your favorite Manufacturing Execution System and earn amazing rewards while you're at it?
Our Customer Referral Program is here, and it's all about thanking you for helping us grow our community.

Refer your frends to us, and we'll grow together!

Double the Joy with Discounts: Here’s the cool part – for every user your referred friend orders, two amazing things happen:

Sweet Deal for the Newbies​

Your friend, the new customer, gets a 25% discount on their first order for Next Plus users.

Awesome Rewards for You

You, the referrer, get a 25% discount on one of your users, per user they ordered the first year.

Sky's the limit 🚀

Guess what? There’s absolutely no cap on the number of users you can refer and the discounts you can earn. Dream big – you could even score free renewals for years if you refer enough friends!

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Fill out this simple form to let us know whom you’re referring.
We’ll take it from there and contact you and your referral.

The Fine Print

New Customers Only: Your referrals should be new customers, not from within the same company you’re in.

Check-in First: Just to be sure, we will check to ensure the customer hasn’t been referred already or isn’t an active customer, and will let you know before contacting him.

Discount on your next order: applicable on your next renewal or any new user addition before that.

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