Aerospace and Defence

The Next Plus platform in the aerospace and defense industries, allows you to abide by
the regulatory requirements for quality management (including AS9100), shorten training times,
reduce human errors and produce better quality products.

Customize and implement Next Plus quickly and easily

Easily upload all your information, data, and content to the friendly Next Plus platform
and see how it immediately fits into the production and maintenance system.

Support your products and customers

Fault detection and maintenance processes in the field by you, or by the customer, will enable your customers
to get the most out of your products.

Reduce human errors in the manufacturing and assembly processes

Display digital work instructions, relevant process and BOM at the precise time,
at the right station, for the right employee, to reduce mistakes and significantly improve productivity.

Factory Paper

Work online or offline

Next Plus supports work connected to a server or offline in the field, internet, and on-premise.


Maintain full synchronization at any given moment

Through easy, fast and efficient communication between the production floor, the maintenance system and the engineering department.
You will know in real time the actions being performed by each relevant party.

Save expensive engineer time

Next Plus helps create understandable, simple, and easy work instructions, for every employee, in every position.
and free your engineers for more urgent tasks.


Produce analytics reports on your own

Get complete analytical information on operations, production, and workforce,
without relying on IT personnel, programmers, or BI specialists.


Reduce human interaction and the cost of poor quality

Connect to devices, sensors, cameras and machines in the employee’s environment, such as smart equipment, digital scales, optical character recognition (OCR) and more and collect real-time data.


Better control over production and maintenance

Full digital tracking of manufacturing and maintenance processes, along with eDHR
(Electronic Device History Record) for guided, reliable and verified data entry,
will keep you informed what is happening on the production floor at any given moment.

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