Quality Management Solution

Elevate Production Quality at Every Stage

Streamline operator tasks, enhance the regularity and effectiveness of quality assessments, and guarantee the advancement of only superior materials and components.

Achieve FPY to Eliminate Rework and Excess Processing

Empower operators with interactive digital instructions and immediate feedback mechanisms to secure product excellence. Utilize advanced analytics for performance monitoring and leverage AI-driven inspections for precise quality verification.

Interactive Digital Instructions for Enhanced Accuracy

Equip operators with step-by-step guides and visual aids on digital platforms, ensuring tasks are performed accurately and efficiently, minimizing errors and the need for rework.

Real-Time Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Implement instant feedback loops that alert operators to deviations or errors, facilitating immediate corrections and fostering a culture of continuous quality improvement.

AI-Driven Inspections for Flawless Execution

Deploy artificial intelligence to scrutinize products in real-time, identifying defects with unparalleled precision and significantly reducing the likelihood of quality issues progressing further in the production process.

Accelerate Product Release with a User-Friendly Quality Management System

Conventional QMS frameworks are often inflexible and demand substantial customization efforts. Our modular platform allows for swift personalization and centralized management of your quality control procedures.

Identify, Analyze, and Rectify Quality Issues Promptly with Live Data Integration

Consolidate operational data within a unified system. Effortlessly aggregate essential metrics, generate insightful reports and dashboards, and access this information instantly.

Detect Flaws Early

Calculate first attempt success rates and pinpoint defects across your production lines.

Prioritize Concerns Effectively

Employ pareto analysis to examine and strategize the resolution of quality challenges.

Comprehensive Quality Event Monitoring

Keep track of corrective actions, external audits, and more through a unified application.

Case Studies

Aerospace Manufacturer Elevating Productivity with Real-Time SOPs and Feedback Loops

An aerospace manufacturer overcame challenges in updating SOPs and work instructions by implementing Next Plus, a system enabling real-time updates and feedback from the manufacturing floor, resulting in enhanced compliance, operational efficiency, product quality, and employee empowerment.

V-Gen Improve Efficiency with Digital Work Instructions

V-Gen’s adoption of Next Plus cut new employee training time by 70% and achieved a 20% reduction in labor costs, demonstrating the substantial benefits of digital work instructions for modern manufacturing efficiency and cost savings.

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