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Next Plus Small Manufacturer Program

Hey there, Small Manufacturers!
Get ready to supercharge your manufacturing process with the Next Plus Small Manufacturer Program (SMP). It's your golden ticket to playing in the big leagues of manufacturing without the hefty price tag. Here's the scoop on why you'll love being part of our family.

Discover the Program Benefits

📈 Level Up Your Operations: Embrace the power of Next Plus to streamline your operations, slash training times, and supercharge your production reporting. It’s like hitting the efficiency jackpot!

🔐 Easy Compliance with AS9100 and FDA CFR21 Part 11: Sail through regulatory requirements with ease. Our system is designed to help you adhere to AS9100 and FDA CFR21 Part 11 standards, ensuring your operation stays compliant and top-notch.

🧩 No-Code Customization: Say goodbye to complicated coding! Our no-code platform is a dream come true for any team. It’s designed for easy use, allowing you to tailor it to your unique needs without needing a troop of programmers or IT guys. Customize, adapt, and grow – all on your own!

🔧 Expert Support Just a Call Away: Need help? Our team of wizards and partners is always ready to assist you with seamless integration and ongoing support. We’re like your friendly neighborhood tech superheroes!

💡 Affordable Big League Experience: Imagine having the same top-tier MES technology as the industry giants but at a fraction of the cost. That’s what we offer! Get the full Next Plus experience, ensuring you don’t miss out on any advanced features due to budget constraints.

Let's talk business

But that’s not all! We believe that an excellent system at an unbeatable price is not enough for success. Proper usage and industry knowledge are the key to complementing this. Therefore, as part of the program, we provide 9 hours of personal mentoring (one per month) with one of our industry experts at no cost!

Who's eligible?

Annual Revenue

Up to 15M USD

Shop floor employees

Up to 15 spirited employees on the shop floor (Total emplyee count can be higher)

New to Next Plus

Not currently a Next Plus customer

Apply for the Small Manufacturer Program

Fill out the form, and we’ll reach out to get you on the path to manufacturing greatness.

Fine Print:

Please note that while we strive to offer comprehensive solutions at an exceptional value, some features and services may incur additional costs. These might include advanced customizations, specific integrations, or premium support services. We’re committed to transparency and will always provide clear information on any additional charges so you can make informed decisions.

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