Easy to use

No-code drag and drop platform to create amazingly beautiful and simple Digital Work Instructions, processes and procedures.

Create a 10 step linear process or a 300 step troubleshooting tree with the same ease
No prior knowledge or experience is required

Any visualization type

3D (webGL), CAD (compliant with SolidWorks Composer™), video, image, 2D, drawing, etc.

Great for Digital Work Instruction
Perfect with "quick & dirty" media

1-second on boarding!

Automatically convert existing content (Word, Power Point, Excel) for extremely fast system deployment and extremely low CAPEX and TCO.

Can import entire documents in a single click
No need to manually enter legacy content

Advanced communication solution

Single source of truth for operations, quality and engineering communication.

Context oriented discussion and ticketing system
No more lost paper, e-mails and undocumented meetings

Multi language support

Cross language, content and system UI – including English, German, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese (and more!) out of the box.

Any new language can be easily added easily
Great for multi national workforce

Dynamic fields and connectivity

Point and click form creation for real time data collection from the workforce, local tools, IIoT sensors or enterprise systems (ERP, PLM and others).

Easily collect data for regulation traceability reasons (AS9100, FDA, others)
Build knowledge on top of collected data for continues improvement

Supported operating system