Why you should use icons in your work instructions

For many things in our lives, there are universal symbols and images that are known to all and help us understand the world in a simpler and faster way. Whether it’s road signs, hand gestures for peace or stop, or even markings from the restaurant menu. Not for nothing, many places choose to use different icons in order to convey their message most clearly. The work instructions in the factory include important and critical information, which often includes a lot of text and a load of information in the written language at different levels. Following the post in which we recommended you a number of ways to write the work instructions in a good way, we will recommend in the next post the combination of the significant and familiar tool, icons –

אייקונים להוראות עבודה  

    1. Benefits

    2. Clear and simple to understand – using familiar symbols known to all employees such as marking earplugs – marking the need for noise protection or marking gloves – marking the need to wear gloves, conveys the message in the clearest way it could be conveyed! Instead of the cumbersome sentences in complex instruction and choosing words carefully, you can simply add the relevant icon and that is it, the message has been conveyed.
    3. Uniform and agreed upon – Unlike a literal description, which is written in a particular language (it needs to be translated to non-native users) or one that is worded in high or professional language, the icons are known to all, and constitute an agreed and uniform cross-language, continent, and heart marking ..But yes, it is uniform and therefore often better than a literal description).
    4. Refreshing and stimulating – work instructions, can often be long, full of information, and even annoying to the reader. Employees who work long hours, sometimes look for the message / image that will catch the attention and convey the message in a refreshing and stimulating way, during the long and monotonous reading.
    5. one picture is worth a thousand words! It is important to remember that there are messages that words will never be able to convey as accurately as a picture, try to think of powerful and accurate markings like a symbol of poison or even a stop sign, would a literal description convey the message in the same way?

In conclusion, incorporating icons in your work instructions, in the right measure, and in the right places, will convey an understandable, fast, and efficient message and even prevent waste of time and human mistakes.

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