V-Gen (MKS Brand)

V-Gen Improve Efficiency with Digital Work Instructions

The Challenges of V-Gen

V-Gen, a leader in the manufacturing and development of advanced laser systems, faced substantial training and scalability challenges. The company’s intricate integration tasks and specialized software-based testing procedures meant new employees needed up to six months of training. Additionally, the absence of real-time operational data hindered the identification and implementation of production line improvements.

Implementing Next Plus

To address these issues, V-Gen implemented Next Plus, transitioning from traditional PDF and Excel-based instructions to dynamic, digital work instructions. This change facilitated real-time data collection and operational oversight. Full device traceability (eDHR) and digital signatures at every production stage ensured meticulous tracking and quality management.

The Results

The introduction of Next Plus dramatically transformed V-Gen’s manufacturing operations. Training time for new employees was reduced by almost 70%, from six months to just two, significantly speeding up the onboarding process. The shift to digital work instructions provided a real-time overview of the production floor, enhancing operational visibility and efficiency. This digital transformation enabled V-Gen to save hundreds of thousands in non-quality costs and achieve a 20% reduction in labor cost per system, proving the immense value of digital work instructions in modern manufacturing.

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