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Dynamic Work Instruction for Complex Manufacturing Configurations

The Challenges of Configuring Complex Assembly Instructions

In the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, a leading machinery manufacturer faced a daunting challenge: creating work instructions for highly customizable machines. These machines, known for their advanced capabilities and versatility, could be outfitted with numerous options, significantly affecting the assembly and integration processes. Managing product configurations was relatively straightforward, but the real hurdle lay in crafting work instructions adaptable to over 1,024 possible option combinations. This complexity posed a risk of errors and inefficiencies, threatening to slow down production and compromise quality.


Implementing a Dynamic, Automated Work Instruction System

To navigate this complexity, the manufacturer turned to Next Plus for a solution that could dynamically generate work instructions in real-time, based on specific customer configurations. Utilizing Next Plus, they implemented a single workflow with reusable modules for each option. This innovative approach allowed for automatic adjustment of the workflow whenever a new work order arrived from their SAP system, reflecting the end customer’s specific kit list from the sales order.

Next Plus’s system was designed to automatically show or hide steps in the work instructions based on the components included in the work order. This ensured that assembly workers received precise, easy-to-follow instructions tailored to the exact configuration of the machine being produced, minimizing the risk of errors and significantly streamlining the assembly process.

The Results

The deployment of Next Plus’s dynamic work instruction system revolutionized the manufacturer’s assembly line. By automating the generation of customized work instructions, the company achieved several key outcomes:

  • Reduced Error Rates: The precise tailoring of work instructions to each machine configuration led to a significant reduction in assembly errors, enhancing product quality.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The time and effort required to manage and communicate complex assembly instructions were drastically reduced, leading to smoother operations and faster production times.
  • Improved Worker Satisfaction 😇: Assembly workers expressed higher satisfaction levels due to clearer, more accurate instructions, reducing frustration and increasing engagement.
  • Scalability: The system’s flexibility and adaptability made it easier to scale production up or down based on demand, without the need for extensive retraining or manual intervention in generating work instructions.


By leveraging Next Plus’s advanced capabilities, the semiconductor machinery manufacturer not only overcame the challenge of managing complex configurations but also set a new standard for operational excellence in the industry. This case study exemplifies how embracing digital transformation and innovative solutions like Next Plus can lead to substantial improvements in manufacturing efficiency, quality, and worker satisfaction.

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